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Some Stupid with a Flare Gun…

The second you hear the riff, you know you love the track. You get the air guitars out. No matter how bad you sound doing it, you sing it too. Ba-ba-baa-ba-ba-babaa, ba-ba-baa-ba-baaaaa… So the inspiration behind Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” is well-known – heck, the giveaway is in the song lyrics (and this blog title) – “some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground”. It tells the story of Switzerland’s Montreux Casino being set on fire during a Frank Zappa gig, which took place... Read More


Is This The Real Life? Behind the third best selling single in UK history…

On this day 40 years ago, 5 minutes and 55 seconds of one of the most popular songs of all time became the UK number one single. Today, it is the third biggest selling single of all-time in this country. That is, of course, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Written by Freddie Mercury on his own (take that, modern day pop artists), the song consists of multiple sections: The opening, ballad, guitar solo, opera, hard rock and the closing. It was unlike anything before – and quite frankly – any attempts to replicate anything... Read More

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Some of Your Favourite Designs, Now With Sweatshirts!

Fancy being a little different this winter? Recently, we added sweatshirts to our range of clothing available in store. Now, some of your most favourite designs are available for those who want the long-armed warmth during the colder months ahead! A classic in store is Damon Albarn’s British Rail t-shirt – the Blur and Gorillaz lead singer wore this in 2012, and ever since it’s consistently been one of the most popular designs in store. Naturally, we had to provide a sweatshirt for this one! Continuing on the music theme,... Read More

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When the Animals take over…

You’ll have noticed over time that we’re good friends with AnimalsYeahYeah, your furry-friend-loving website that donates to animal charities of your choice, and bring over some wonderful designs for us here – but recently, they’ve really been taking over… At the Oscars last year, you may recall Ellen DeGeneres took this selfie which is by a mile and a half the most retweeted post on Twitter. Ever. It features many of Hollywood’s biggest names which probably contributed to it, but now it’s time for the A-Listers to step aside: the... Read More

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Corporate Magazines Still Suck – But These New Designs Don’t!

It’s always best to keep checking out the latest in store as more and more designs arrive, from the world of music, gaming, plus funny designs and much more! For those who love our “As Worn By” range, there’s more fantastic products that have arrived courtesy of Nirvana and Motorhead! When they started gaining notoriety in the early 90’s, Nirvana managed to get massive mainstream attention – something Kurt Cobain wasn’t really fond of. They were invited to a photo shoot for the magazine Rolling Stone in 1992, and it... Read More


Bowie’s Back – Blackstar Arrives 2016

Three years on from his last album The Next Day, music icon David Bowie returns with his (get this) 27TH STUDIO ALBUM! Blackstar is the name of not only the album but also the lead single. The single itself will be released on November 20th, and the album will launch on the 8th January 2016 – the day of Bowie’s 69th birthday. David Bowie’s Facebook page at the moment doesn’t go in to much further detail; only that the album is not part of his theater piece Lazarus. The launch of Blackstar will be... Read More

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Back To The Future Day – What’s Made It & What Hasn’t?

So today is October 21st, 2015 – this is the day that Marty McFly and The Doc traveled to in Back To The Future, Part II! (So no need to worry about all those false posts you see on Facebook on this matter anymore – today is the real date!) Released on November 22nd 1989, Marty goes to the future in order to prevent his son from being involved in a crime which would lead him going to prison. They’re successful – however, the DeLorean is stolen by Biff Tannen who... Read More


‘Two of music’s finest’ – Celebrating the lives of James Horner and Ben E.King’

2015 has seen an exorbitant amount of unfortunate deaths where legends of music and entertainment are concerned. We’ve seen the passing of some of the most versatile, decorated, influential and beloved megastars. At TShirtGrill, we’re going to look at some career highlights of James Horner, Cilla Back and Ben. E. King; just a few of the names that are no longer with us. Spanning very different genres, these icons are forever immortalised in popular culture, below we’ll begin to share a tiny portion of their most notable and well-remembered contributions... Read More


Sit On It! Make Your Home Unique With New Cushion Range

You already know that here, you can find great T-Shirts and Hoodies full of Retro Music, Cars, TV & Film, Sports and many more designs, but now we’re taking it another step further. We’ve seen some of your favourite designs, and making them available on cushions! Now, you can make your house unique – no more needing to be normal! Whether you love our star signs, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, Sid James, Erasurehead, Animals, Laurel and Hardy… that’s just a mere handful of the new designs waiting for... Read More


Some Might Say: The Best Britpop Band Ever!

The important debate that will probably never die: Which Britpop band was better – Oasis or Blur? We’ve already looked at – and discussed – the latter of those two earlier this year when they released “The Magic Whip” back in April. But today, on Liam Gallagher’s 43rd Birthday, we look at the Mancunian group Oasis. Formed in 1991, the group was developed from a previous band called The Rain (named after a Beatles B-Side track) who’d got together earlier that year. When Chris Hutton was replaced as lead singer... Read More