Go Chucky Go! Berry’s 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday to a music icon. Sometimes, that word “icon” gets thrown around way too much. It absolutely applies here 100% – a man who revolutionised Rock and Roll, and one of the main people we can thank for how music in the modern world has been shaped. From iconic tracks such as “Roll Over Beethoven” and the instantly recognisable “Johnny B. Goode”, Berry has provided many hits that not only have been covered plenty of times over the decades, but have been so instrumental in influencing all our favourite... Read More


‘Two of music’s finest’ – Celebrating the lives of James Horner and Ben E.King’

2015 has seen an exorbitant amount of unfortunate deaths where legends of music and entertainment are concerned. We’ve seen the passing of some of the most versatile, decorated, influential and beloved megastars. At TShirtGrill, we’re going to look at some career highlights of James Horner, Cilla Back and Ben. E. King; just a few of the names that are no longer with us. Spanning very different genres, these icons are forever immortalised in popular culture, below we’ll begin to share a tiny portion of their most notable and well-remembered contributions... Read More

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Dressing like the Stars – Taking a look at TShirtGrill’s ‘As Worn By’ Range

Celebrities have the power to make seemingly innocuous logos, slogans or designs hugely popular in an instant after sporting an item of clothing on a late night TV show or being snapped by the paparazzi in a striking tee. One such recent instance, was Michael Cera, who wore a t-shirt bearing the likeness of legendary Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Rashomon), forums and social media were abuzz with questions about the t-shirt and how they could get their hands on a similar item. TShirtGrill sports an extensive range of... Read More


Love Still Tears Us Apart: 35 Years On…

On this day 35 years ago, we sadly lost a great talent in Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. He was only 23 at the time. To begin with, they were going to be called Warsaw, but this conflicted with a group that already existed called Warsaw Pakt – so they became Joy Division. “Warsaw” eventually became the name of one of their singles as well as the 4th compilation album for the group, which in itself was actually meant to be the debut album until the group decided... Read More


Welcome to the new look TShirtGrill Website!

It’s been a rather busy time down at HQ, but at last we can say hello to you visiting our new-look TShirtGrill website! Neat, eh? Everything you’ve loved about T-Shirt Grill in the past in still here, but in a new design which we hope you’ll find nice and easy to use. While you’re here, can we entice you to sign up to our newsletter? There’s a discount code waiting for you if you do… but we’re not telling you here! Make sure you keep up with everything we do... Read More