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Dressing like the Stars – Taking a look at TShirtGrill’s ‘As Worn By’ Range

Celebrities have the power to make seemingly innocuous logos, slogans or designs hugely popular in an instant after sporting an item of clothing on a late night TV show or being snapped by the paparazzi in a striking tee. One such recent instance, was Michael Cera, who wore a t-shirt bearing the likeness of legendary Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Rashomon), forums and social media were abuzz with questions about the t-shirt and how they could get their hands on a similar item. TShirtGrill sports an extensive range of... Read More

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Cats – How we broke the internet

Forget Kim Kardashian, the internet was ‘broken’ a long time ago by an army of felines that have taken over monitors across the globe. The net is a haven for cat lovers and thanks to rise of such global stars as Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat and Little Bub, we’ve stocked up on cat related clothing that will let you express your love for your favourite felines. Pizza & Cats For you crazy cat ladies (or gentleman) out there, why not get your priorities in order with this ‘I Love Two... Read More

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Four creative and inexpensive ways to upcycle your old t-shirts

We’ve all had those favourite t-shirts that seem to last forever and have seen their fair share of amazing times and unforgettable memories; you might even come to think of one as being “lucky”. Eventually, though, a time will come when you simply have to admit that their time is up, like an aged wrestler or a 100% cotton Old Yeller. TShirtGrill are going to share with you some easy and effective methods to upcycle your beloved t-shirts, so that they don’t have to be needlessly thrown away at the... Read More


#Spreadstyle – All about World T-Shirt Day.

June 21st marked the worldwide celebration of the t-shirt in the form of International T-shirt Day. T-shirt devotees from all corners of the globe come forth and express their love and appreciation of one of the most versatile and universal pieces of clothing to have ever been conceived. The International T-shirt Day festivities took place for the first time in 2008, with tee sporting citizens of Berlin, Germany and Boston, USA, joining the celebrations. Those who took part eagerly exchanged t-shirts and were invited to take part in what was... Read More


Iconic moments from the world of television and cinema that should be immortalised on T-shirts:

First up, we’re taking a trip in the wayback machine and reliving a moment of comic genius from one of the most masterful comic actors of all time, Jackie Gleason, starring in ‘The Honeymooners’; what still stands as one of the sharpest sit-coms of all time. Ralph Kramden (Gleason) finally gets his moment to shine on the popular game show ‘The $99, 000 Dollar Answer, confidently promising his wife, Alice (played by the brilliant Audrey Meadows), that he’d bring him the grand prize. After preparing fanatically for his chosen category,... Read More


Five Festival Essentials: TShirtGrill’s Packing Guide

Festival season is approaching its big kick off and we’re excited to see what 2015 has to offer in terms of awesome sets, jaw dropping stage shows and of course – those all important special guests. Whether you’re rocking out at Download, dancing the hazy days away in Glastonbury or celebrating the end of exams at Reading/Leeds, there is something for everyone to enjoy this year. Here at TShirtGrill we have put together our own festival essentials. The extra bits that (let’s be honest) can often get forgotten about when... Read More