#Spreadstyle – All about World T-Shirt Day.

June 21st marked the worldwide celebration of the t-shirt in the form of International T-shirt Day. T-shirt devotees from all corners of the globe come forth and express their love and appreciation of one of the most versatile and universal pieces of clothing to have ever been conceived.

The International T-shirt Day festivities took place for the first time in 2008, with tee sporting citizens of Berlin, Germany and Boston, USA, joining the celebrations. Those who took part eagerly exchanged t-shirts and were invited to take part in what was donned the ‘T-Catwalk’, letting attendees showcase both weird and wonderful t-shirt designs to onlookers.

Each year, an increasing number of events in an increasing number of countries are added to the calendar. Since 2008, Berlin and Boston have been joined by: Barcelona, Manchester, Zwolle and New York. Some of the newer activities that have popped up in recent years include the likes of t-shirt markets, DIY workshops and various social media campaigns. #tshirttheworld encouraged people to dress something unusual in their favourite t-shirt, and #myshirtmyworld gave followers a platform upon which to express their feelings and desires via a quirky or thoughtful t-shirt design.

We’re currently 300+ days away from the International T Shirt Day 2016, and if you want to get in on the act early, you most certainly can. The official Instagram hashtag is #SPREADSTYLE, and within that hashtag you’ll find a magnificent collection of t-shirts from previous celebrations.

Three reasons the humble t-shirt deserves its own day:

Currently, statistics regarding the production and sale of t-shirts put the annual total at just over 2 billion. Roughly 320 gallons of water are required to grow enough cotton for just one t-shirt[1]. If you were to manufacture a t-shirt for each of the estimated 7.2 billion people currently living on earth, a staggering 2300 billion gallons of that glorious CO2 would be necessary to meet agricultural demands.

The simple act of wearing multiple t-shirts simultaneously, has developed into one of the most fiercely sought after Guinness World Records. Currently, Sanath Bandara holds the world record for the most t-shirts worn at once – 257. We’re not sure quite how meritorious Sanath’s endeavour really was, but the laundry basket must have been a sight to see after it was all over. Speaking of t-shirt related world records, the world’s largest measures over 305 feet long and weighs in at over 9000 thousand pounds

T-Shirts are the preferred promotional medium of rock groups, movie studios and political campaigns across the world. If you’ve heard of it, it probably has a t-shirt; but, did you know that the first ‘film t-shirt’ was used to promote MGM’s classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’? MGM were clearly trendsetters, and now all manner of slogans, characters and scenes have since been immortalized by way of t-shirt designs.

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Get involved with International T-Shirt Day at TShirtGrill

We don’t think it’s fair that you have to wait until June 21st of 2016 to have some fun sharing your most cherished t-shirts, so TShirtGrill encourage you to share your favourite t-shirt designs with us on social media right now – we’ll be sure to post all of our favourites.

TShirtGrill are also active on both Facebook and Twitter, so let us know if you’ve got anything planned for the next International T-shirt Day.

[1] http://blog.repairtheworldnow.com/2012/06/repair-the-world-one-green-shirt-at-a-time/

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