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Simple. Stylish. Smart. The Fashion Quarter arrives to TShirtGrill!

Looking for that perfect summer gear? We’ve got you covered at TShirtGrill. Introducing our latest range in store, The Fashion Quarter. More than 60 products ranging from t-shirt to hoodies, dresses to shorts – all stylishly simplistic in design, but look fantastic nonetheless. And right now, we’re offering 15% off all Fashion Quarter products until midnight on Friday 22nd April 2016 – just use the discount code FASHION15 at the checkout and make a saving on these great items! Ashley Redman

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Grab Your Pig Skin: America Takes Over TShirtGrill!

Even in the UK, the popularity of American Sports continues to grow. Some of their games even get played at London’s Wembley Stadium – so surely it’s about time we took a delve in to the world of 75% adverts, 15% analysis and the remaining 10% gameplay? New in store are official products for some of the most popular teams from the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL)!       National Football League (NFL) From the stars coming out for the Superbowl... Read More


More Designs Take To Cushions!

A little while ago, we introduced cushions to our store – some of your favourite designs re-imagined on to cushions to make your home look even better. While you’ve enjoyed what we’ve had so far, you’ve been screaming for more… …so here come 9 more new designs available as a cushion! Anarchy Logo Unknown Pleasures Cat Star Paws Quint’s Shark Fishing Pugs Not Drugs PUGS (JAWS Parody) I Was Normal Three Cats Ago Ford Sierra Presse Ne Pas Avaler (As Worn By Thom Yorke, Radiohead) You can check them out –... Read More

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Great Scott! Going Back To The Future… Again!

It wasn’t that long ago that we celebrated the day Marty McFly and the Doc came to the year 2015… and it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. However, this time we’re looking back to when Marty went to 1955, and the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, held at Hill Valley High School in the fictional town of Hill Valley, California. (Has anyone tell them that’s an oxymoron…?) On Saturday November 12th, following a series of events which led to the possibility of his parents never meeting and thus not... Read More


Enjoy House Every Weekend…

…and weekdays too, with one of our great new designs: Enjoy House Music! House music has been around for over three decades, with its origins beginning in Chicago in the early 80’s. It didn’t take long for its popularity to grow – by the end of the decade, there were already tracks hitting #1 in the UK, such as Black Box’s “Ride on Time” and M/A/A/R/S’ “Pump Up The Volume”. In the 90’s, a small nightclub opened called Ministry of Sound which focused on this and other styles of dance music... Read More


The Biggest Icon Arrives To TShirtGrill… Dot Cotton!?!

This is… a little out of left-field. But hey, us British love our treasures! On-and-off for the past 30 years, June Brown has been entertaining the British nation as Dot Cotton on BBC’s hit soap Eastenders. Cotton is the second longest-serving character on the show, behind only Ian Beale (played by Adam Woodyatt, who has been on it since the beginning). Brown began playing the character 5 months after the show began, and had a 4 year period between 1993 and 1997 where she left following the axing of co-star Peter Dean... Read More


Presidential Race 2016 – TShirtGrill Style!

Later this year, America will select their next President to replace Barack Obama. While there’s a lot of concern that Donald Trump may get the nod (see half a million people signing a petition to have him banned from the UK), or the intrigue of potentially the first female President in Hillary Clinton, we think it’s pretty boring (and we’re based in England, which says something). So… we’re doing the TShirtGrill Presidential Election 2016! Our running candidates are Keith Richards, lead rhythm guitarist for the Rolling Stones, against a new... Read More


There’s A Starman Waiting In The Sky: David Bowie (1947-2016)

There’s a sense of sad deja-vu here. Not even half a month ago, days after celebrating his 70th birthday we learned of the passing of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister from cancer. Now, days after his 69th birthday, the world of music has lost one of its biggest inspirations – David Bowie – following an 18 month battle with cancer. Bowie, being the quiet character he was, never disclosed the news in public – thus waking up to find out the news was a major shock to everyone. Suddenly, you woke up... Read More


Born To Lose… He Lived To Win: Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)

On Christmas Eve, he celebrated his 70th birthday. On Boxing Day, he learned he had extremely aggressive cancer. Yesterday, the rock icon sadly passed away. It was a whirlwind final few days for the Motorhead lead singer. Today though, many fans across the world will mourn the passing of Ian Fraser Kilmister. Unsure of how he actually gained the nickname of Lemmy, it was claimed it came from the phrase “lend me a quid ’til Friday” (the “lend me” part being slurred to say “Lemmy”) – due to a habit... Read More


Imagine All The People, Living Life In Peace…

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world can live as one…” – John Lennon On this day 35 years ago, we lost an icon of the music industry in the cruelest manner possible. Coming home late in the evening to his New York apartment with Yoko Ono, John Lennon was shot four times in the back by Mark Chapman (a man who’d received Lennon’s autograph mere hours beforehand). He was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt... Read More