As Worn By… The Stars of Music!

It’s always one of our favourite sections of the website: As Worn By. Those great designs you’ve seen your favourite celebs wear, available in store for you to sport as well!

Of course, we’re always updating the collection too – so it’s always worth keeping an eye out to see if anything new catches your eye. Here’s some of our most recent entries to our website…


Humble Pie (as worn by Steve Marriott, of… err… Humble Pie!)

When Steve left The Small Faces, he would go on to create what was considered one of the first “supergroups” – consisting of the likes of Peter Frampton from The Herd, Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth and a then 17 year-old in Jerry Shirley as its original line-up. At the of his gigs, Marriott truly showed how involved he was in the group by wearing a t-shirt with their logo on!

Don’t spend Thirty Days in the Hole – if you love Humble Pie, this is for you!

(We also suggest not eating Humble Pie. It’s never nice.)


freddie mercury photo

Freddie’s Arrows. They’re pointing where, you say? Oh my.

Arrows (as worn by Freddie Mercury of Queen)

What, Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury wearing a suggestive design? Preposterous! He’d never do such a th… oh, who are we kidding, of course he would.

Wearing a tank top version of this, Freddie did his thing wowing the crowd in Brussels back in 1982. Now it’s available for you as a t-shirt or slim fit t-shirt!


keep your mouth shut john bonham

John Bonham. Blunt, and to the point.

Keep Your Mouth Shut (as worn by John Bonham of Led Zeppelin)

Well… that’s rather to-the-point, isn’t it?

Led Zep’s famous drummer wore this pretty blunt design (which is certainly one for those who enjoy their adult humour!), and is available in store now as a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie or sweatshirt – or if you want to go proper retro, as a Vintage Wash t-shirt too!


There’s all of these plus loads more celebrity-worn designs in our As Worn By range, so go check it out now!

Ashley Redman

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