Born To Lose… He Lived To Win: Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)

On Christmas Eve, he celebrated his 70th birthday. On Boxing Day, he learned he had extremely aggressive cancer. Yesterday, the rock icon sadly passed away. It was a whirlwind final few days for the Motorhead lead singer. Today though, many fans across the world will mourn the passing of Ian Fraser Kilmister. Unsure of how he actually gained the nickname of Lemmy, it was claimed it came from the phrase “lend me a quid ’til Friday” (the “lend me” part being slurred to say “Lemmy”) – due to a habit... Read More


Game On: Following E3 2015…

…is a brand new category to TShirtGrill, Gaming! Having seen some of the great upcoming games in the next 12 months (If you can’t tell from the blog image, we’re really looking forward to Super Mario Maker ourselves), we’ve released some new t-shirts, slim fits and hoodies for all of you with thumbs as your strongest muscles! Video Games Ruined My Life There’s always been moments where you just can’t beat a level and it infuriates you. The problem is, your mates were all down the field playing football and... Read More