More Designs Take To Cushions!

A little while ago, we introduced cushions to our store – some of your favourite designs re-imagined on to cushions to make your home look even better. While you’ve enjoyed what we’ve had so far, you’ve been screaming for more…

…so here come 9 more new designs available as a cushion!

Anarchy Logo
Unknown Pleasures Cat
Star Paws
Quint’s Shark Fishing
Pugs Not Drugs
PUGS (JAWS Parody)
I Was Normal Three Cats Ago
Ford Sierra
Presse Ne Pas Avaler (As Worn By Thom Yorke, Radiohead)

You can check them out – as well as our other existing cushions – by clicking here. Why not make your home that little bit cooler with one of these great products?

Ashley Redman
Sitting on it

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