When the Animals take over…

You’ll have noticed over time that we’re good friends with AnimalsYeahYeah, your furry-friend-loving website that donates to animal charities of your choice, and bring over some wonderful designs for us here – but recently, they’ve really been taking over…

At the Oscars last year, you may recall Ellen DeGeneres took this selfie which is by a mile and a half the most retweeted post on Twitter. Ever. It features many of Hollywood’s biggest names which probably contributed to it, but now it’s time for the A-Listers to step aside: the new biggest selfie of all time has arrived, courtesy of our favourite friends the animals!

This Animal Selfie is available on either your choice of Baby Pink or Grey colour, on a t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie, sweatshirt or in kids’ sizes. Phew! That’s a lot of choices!

While we’re in the party mood, why don’t we get ready for the weekend with this – you should too if you’re a party animal! This fun design features a bear getting on the beers – including wearing what we’d consider Homer Simpson’s favourite hat of all – a double can holder!

This is available on t-shirt, slim fit, hoodie and sweatshirt.

party bear animal hd

Perfect for the Party Animal in you – available in Mens and Womens sizes (T-Shirt, Slim Fit, Hoodie & Sweatshirts).

Meanwhile, why not work up some magic with this Ta Da! T-shirt and slim fit designs! This cute bunny, sitting in a top hat that also makes the “T”, is waiting for those looking to raise a few laughs and smiles, too.

Of course, there’s plenty more from AnimalsYeahYeah available in store, so why not take a look and find your favourite today?

Ashley Redman
A slave to bunnies

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