October 2015


Bowie’s Back – Blackstar Arrives 2016

Three years on from his last album The Next Day, music icon David Bowie returns with his (get this) 27TH STUDIO ALBUM! Blackstar is the name of not only the album but also the lead single. The single itself will be released on November 20th, and the album will launch on the 8th January 2016 – the day of Bowie’s 69th birthday. David Bowie’s Facebook page at the moment doesn’t go in to much further detail; only that the album is not part of his theater piece Lazarus. The launch of Blackstar will be... Read More

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Back To The Future Day – What’s Made It & What Hasn’t?

So today is October 21st, 2015 – this is the day that Marty McFly and The Doc traveled to in Back To The Future, Part II! (So no need to worry about all those false posts you see on Facebook on this matter anymore – today is the real date!) Released on November 22nd 1989, Marty goes to the future in order to prevent his son from being involved in a crime which would lead him going to prison. They’re successful – however, the DeLorean is stolen by Biff Tannen who... Read More


‘Two of music’s finest’ – Celebrating the lives of James Horner and Ben E.King’

2015 has seen an exorbitant amount of unfortunate deaths where legends of music and entertainment are concerned. We’ve seen the passing of some of the most versatile, decorated, influential and beloved megastars. At TShirtGrill, we’re going to look at some career highlights of James Horner, Cilla Back and Ben. E. King; just a few of the names that are no longer with us. Spanning very different genres, these icons are forever immortalised in popular culture, below we’ll begin to share a tiny portion of their most notable and well-remembered contributions... Read More