PacMan’s Back, And… Angry?

If you love video games and general goofiness, this upcoming film will probably be perfect for you.

This weekend sees the release of Pixels, a film in which NASA sends a capsule to outer space in hopes of making peaceful communications with extra-terrestrials. Unfortunately, these aliens see the footage of video games and interpret them as a declaration of war. So they decide to attack Earth using these video games footage as their methods of assault, as you do.

So basically, it’s a space invasion. No seriously, Space Invaders is one of the methods used to attack Earth. How does one combat the alien attack based on video games though when the likes of the Taj Mahal are being destroyed in a game of Pong?

Well duh, you get a team of retrogamers who then use said knowledge of each game and beat them again, except this time to save the human race.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous but pretty hilarious at the same time – so we’re actually looking forward to getting to the cinemas to watch this one!

Adam Sandler features alongside Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and many more in this sci-fi comedy which is sure to have all the gamers feeling proper retro while giving everyone something to laugh along with!

Ashley Redman
Gamer Hall of Famer… in his mind

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