Four creative and inexpensive ways to upcycle your old t-shirts

We’ve all had those favourite t-shirts that seem to last forever and have seen their fair share of amazing times and unforgettable memories; you might even come to think of one as being “lucky”. Eventually, though, a time will come when you simply have to admit that their time is up, like an aged wrestler or a 100% cotton Old Yeller.

TShirtGrill are going to share with you some easy and effective methods to upcycle your beloved t-shirts, so that they don’t have to be needlessly thrown away at the end of their life as a t-shirt and you don’t have to part with a dear friend.

Frame it

Framing Tshirt

Take advantage of fantastic t-shirt designs by displaying them, neatly folded, inside of a frame. Hanging the finished product on a wall will add some unique and personal colour to any living area. This could be a fun way to showcase your favourite movie or music artist, speaking of which, TShirtGrill has a collection of both retro and modern film inspired t-shirts for both men and women.

Cushion your loss by turning it into a pillowcase.

Tshirt Pillowcase

Either by sewing or using the non-sew technique, you can create useful pillowcases of all sizes suitable for almost anything. These could be used to add flair to your bed, or to create something awesome for a pet to sleep on. We’d like to invite you to check out our new Animals t-shirt range, featuring a ton of cute and quirky animal designs.

A ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ themed pillow for Rover? Or Cat Stevens for Snowy? We encourage all of our readers to leave their worst pet-themed pop-culture reference in the comments section below or at one of TShirtGrill’s social media pages: we’re active on both Facebook and Twitter – @tshirtgrilltees.

 Accessorise and let your imagination run wild

Tshirt Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your style with an old t-shirt, there exists a whole world of possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with a simple braiding technique, or a clever series of knots. Headbands, wristbands, scarves, flip-flop straps, hats or necklaces – anything goes. A seemingly endless number of tutorials and ‘how-to’s’ exist online, so a quick search will reveal a limitless treasure trove of possibilities to get those creative juices flowing.

 Something for the kids

Tshirt Cape

Last, and hopefully not least, old t-shirts are perfect fodder for the litany of Halloween and fancy-dress parties that your little ones will be attending throughout the year. We understand you might be hesitant to splash out on a new official Marvel superhero cape that’s destined to be destroyed or forgotten after its first use, so this method provides a useful compromise. With just a cheap pair of scissors and a few basic alterations, you can enable a large-fitting t-shirt to work as a cape worthy of any hero or heroine.

Remember to take care of the colours

Develop good habits today and reap the rewards in the future as your designs will remain intact and colours will maintain their original vibrancy; making an upcycled DIY project look even better. TShirtGrill has previously published a blog looking at ways to protect the printed designs on t-shirts, which you can read all about here.

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