Bring Me Laughter All-A While…

Bring me fun, bring me sunshine and bring me love. We’re doing exactly that with our brand new Comedy range here at TShirtGrill, so if you love your comedians of the past (or even present), then this is the place to keep your eyes out!

While you may have come across some of our comedians before on TShirtGrill like Alan Partridge, you may yet to have seen some of our latest designs which might tickle your fancy (and funnybones because, y’know, comedians…)

Morecambe & Wise

Brought us laughter all the while. Famed for their “Skip Dance” ending their performance of the song “Bring Me Sunshine”, the duo were a great fixture of comedy for over four decades until Morecambe’s sad passing in 1984. The design for this includes them in their famous pose with the lyrics to the opening verse to the “Bring Me Sunshine” song. Available in a t-shirt, slim fit and hoodie.

Benny Hill

Cue the Yakety Sax, and live everyday as if it were your last. Because one day you’ll be right! Benny Hill’s TV show was famed for its closing sequence which would involve Benny being chased around by a group of characters after some sort of misfortunate misdeed to Boots Randolph’s song – in fact, becoming so strongly linked with the show that it became better known and recognised as the “Benny Hill Theme”! Available in a t-shirt and slim fit.

tommy cooper

Just Like That! Get the fantastic Tommy Cooper on your t-shirt today.

Sid James

Cor, blimey! The man who fronted 17 of the 19 Carry On films he appeared in is doing his dirty laugh in this design. Famed for those fantastically hilarious films, Sid is a comedian who lives on with many, many fans across the World. Available in a t-shirt, slim fit and hoodie.

Tommy Cooper

Making Fezzes cool since 1921, Tommy Cooper wasn’t just a comedian but also a magician – making things disappear “just like that”… or not, as most of his tricks would fail! This design won’t pull any kinds of tricks like that though, it’s perfect for any fans of the legend. Available in a t-shirt and slim fit.

That’s just some of the products you can find waiting for you in the new Comedy range at TShirtGrill. So choose your favourite, wear it, then cue a Yakety Sax and run for it!

Ashley Redman
Walked in to a bar with an Irishman & a Scotsman but nothing funny actually happened

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