Cats – How we broke the internet

Forget Kim Kardashian, the internet was ‘broken’ a long time ago by an army of felines that have taken over monitors across the globe. The net is a haven for cat lovers and thanks to rise of such global stars as Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat and Little Bub, we’ve stocked up on cat related clothing that will let you express your love for your favourite felines.

Pizza & Cats

For you crazy cat ladies (or gentleman) out there, why not get your priorities in order with this ‘I Love Two Things’ statement tee? Available in a range of styles including slim fit and also as a hoody, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who loves a good slogan tee. Please note: cat hair not included

Tshirtgrill IMG1Meowsical Inspiration

Rumour has it that the great songs of our time were all inspired by the artist’s love of cats. Hey Jude was an ode to McCartney’s beloved tabby and of course, Smells Like Teen Spirit was intended to be a serenade to Kurt’s cat’s litter tray. Ok so we may be embellishing slightly – but why not showcase your love for music and cats with this Music and Cats printed hoody? Also available in t-shirt form, it’s the perfect choice for those feline music lovers.

TShirtGrill IMG2Unknown Pleasures

The best thing about cats is their ability to sneak in where you least expect them, prime example being the cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album – those sneaky felines! We love this take on the classic album cover and it’s definitely one that will make people look twice. Again, this is available in a hooded sweatshirt or a slimfit style for those that fancy getting the whole range.


Kittens and Cupcakes

Let’s face it, sometimes the appeal of cats is that they are just so darn cute. Any Google search for ‘Kitten’ will being back a multitude of images that can often lead to what we call the ‘cat black hole’ – once you’re sucked in, there’s no getting out. This Cupcake Cat tee is ideal for anyone who just wants a cute, quirky shirt that will never go out of style.


Check out the full range of cat related goodies online today. Already fancy yourself as quite the cat aficionado? Why not share pictures of your favourite feline on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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