Game On: Following E3 2015…

…is a brand new category to TShirtGrill, Gaming!

Having seen some of the great upcoming games in the next 12 months (If you can’t tell from the blog image, we’re really looking forward to Super Mario Maker ourselves), we’ve released some new t-shirts, slim fits and hoodies for all of you with thumbs as your strongest muscles!

Video Games Ruined My Life
There’s always been moments where you just can’t beat a level and it infuriates you. The problem is, your mates were all down the field playing football and you could’ve been there too, so your life is being ruined.

Luckily for you, you’ve still got two lives left. And you’ve played this so much, you probably know where to find that extra hidden life by now, surely? Either way, this humorous t-shirt is worth it!

My Perfect Day: Play Video Games
Summer holidays when you were a kid were brilliant, simply because you could just play video games all day if you wanted to. Sadly, in the adult life that’s not really possible anymore but hey, one can hope there’s a quiet Sunday at some point? Live out your perfect day by playing video games (meals aside, obviously, one needs to Eat Sleep Game Repeat after all) – and let everyone else know how to enjoy the most of their day with this design!

Obsessive Gaming Disorder
After E3, you probably have a rather sizable list of new games to get for the next year. Just like you did last year. And the year before that, and… the year before that, too. You’re not getting rid of a single one of them though. Even though your cupboards are full and all your available plug sockets are taken by consoles, including that Sega Megadrive.

Simply put, your life has too many video games in it. And we salute you for it because that rocks! If you have Obsessive Gaming Disorder, wear this with pride!

Video Game Evolution
We might be more for the retro games (don’t tell the boss, but I still play Tetris on my lunch break…), but we know games evolve. Pac-Man or Space Indavers, Mario or Sonic, heck: even Pokemon or Digimon and to the latest Call of Duty or Halo – whatever you choose, it’s safe to say the way you play hasn’t changed: lay down on the floor, look up to that TV and stay there until you just simply have to move!

of course, your tiny box of a TV is now a flatscreen HD and you probably can’t lay down on the floor as your neck would have to look up too high, but our point is still valid.

Zombie Apocalypse
Oh great. If it wasn’t bad enough Steve’s asked you for that report earlier than scheduled, now a zombie apocalypse has broken out. What a day. No worry though as you’re a Left 4 Dead master, this should be a piece of Peach’s cake that was meant to be for Mario. These zombie-type video games have prepared you for this. Let’s get saving the world!

Those are just some of our designs, with plenty more coming along in the future. To see our full range of Gaming products, click Link below.



I’m here all week, folks.

Ashley Redman
Established Game-a-holic since 1994


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