June 2015


Vélos avec cette conception à temps pour le Tour de France!

For those who can’t read French: It’s a new design, in time for the Tour de France this Saturday! (Blame Google Translate if it’s incorrect…) If you’re one who’d rather use the pedal power than horse power, have you checked out our recent Eat Sleep Cycle Repeat design? Based on the “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” song title by Fatboy Slim (and made famous by the Calvin Harris remix) in 2013, it’s available in a T-Shirt, Women’s Slim Fit and Hoodie, so whatever the weather and whatever time of year, you can... Read More


Game On: Following E3 2015…

…is a brand new category to TShirtGrill, Gaming! Having seen some of the great upcoming games in the next 12 months (If you can’t tell from the blog image, we’re really looking forward to Super Mario Maker ourselves), we’ve released some new t-shirts, slim fits and hoodies for all of you with thumbs as your strongest muscles! Video Games Ruined My Life There’s always been moments where you just can’t beat a level and it infuriates you. The problem is, your mates were all down the field playing football and... Read More


Drivers, Start Your Engines…

Only a few days to go before the greatest endurance race begins its 2015 race. Head down to Le Mans in France right now and activity will be getting rather busy at the Circuit de la Sarthe. That’s because the FIA World Endurance Championship is there, and the Le Mans 24 Hours takes place on Saturday, 12th June. It is one of the three races in Motorsport’s “Triple Crown”, along with the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix and the IndyCar Indianapolis 500. Only one man has ever completed the Triple... Read More


Iconic moments from the world of television and cinema that should be immortalised on T-shirts:

First up, we’re taking a trip in the wayback machine and reliving a moment of comic genius from one of the most masterful comic actors of all time, Jackie Gleason, starring in ‘The Honeymooners’; what still stands as one of the sharpest sit-coms of all time. Ralph Kramden (Gleason) finally gets his moment to shine on the popular game show ‘The $99, 000 Dollar Answer, confidently promising his wife, Alice (played by the brilliant Audrey Meadows), that he’d bring him the grand prize. After preparing fanatically for his chosen category,... Read More


T-Shirt maintenance tips from TShirtGrill

We’ve all been there. You’ve just ordered the perfect printed t-shirt from some far-flung international seller, you’ve endured the 4-week shipping time and extortionate delivery costs, you pop the new item in the laundry and the design becomes cracked and intelligible. Everyone has been there and the frustration can be maddening, that’s why here at TShirtGrill, we’re going to provide you with a number of handy tips so that you can avoid this nightmarish scenario from happening to you ever again. Buy quality now and save in the long run.... Read More


Five Festival Essentials: TShirtGrill’s Packing Guide

Festival season is approaching its big kick off and we’re excited to see what 2015 has to offer in terms of awesome sets, jaw dropping stage shows and of course – those all important special guests. Whether you’re rocking out at Download, dancing the hazy days away in Glastonbury or celebrating the end of exams at Reading/Leeds, there is something for everyone to enjoy this year. Here at TShirtGrill we have put together our own festival essentials. The extra bits that (let’s be honest) can often get forgotten about when... Read More